Monthly Archives: May 2011

feline friendlies…?

cats – i love all kinds of cats. big, small, long hair, short hair – i love them all, but they never seem to ever want to play with me. just this other day on a walk around the neighbourhood, on a wet and unseasonally cool day, i saw this cat but he just didn’t want to get along with me. i just can’t help getting all excited when they’re around … if only they would give me a chance to work my charms.

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SPCA wag n walk @ pak tam chung

my first ever trip to Pak Tam Chung! And all for a good cause, too.

boy did we spend a lot of time waiting around. all these people and no one could tell me what was going on!

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i eat my veggies everyday

i just love these green leaves growing all around the place. i’ve been told they are a good source of fiber and can help with digestion. don’t taste quite as good as the stuff i eat at home though, but at least i get a little snack on my walks.


surf’s up

somehow i’ve lost my appetiteĀ for eating sand. but no matter – i can now finally enjoy the sun, the surf and leaving little pawprints in the sand rather than ingesting it in large quantities


the good ol’ days – sand just doesn’t taste like it did back then… but then again, i certainly don’t miss the resulting pain in my backside

i’m not alone!

i was watching this video the other day and felt so glad i’m not that different after all. i’m always told i’m like so unaffectionate or stubborn and finnicky with cleaning myself… blah blah blah. so then i show them this video and they all say – o! so she’s just being herself.

a clean dog is a good dog

i always have an undeniable urge to clean myself.

betcha can’t do this

don't i look real scary?

i’m always told my skin is really saggy. but that’s how i do this cool thing with my fur.

My paws

this is one of my little paws. Maybe it’s time I cut my nails because I always hit the wrong keys.