SPCA wag n walk @ pak tam chung

my first ever trip to Pak Tam Chung! And all for a good cause, too.

boy did we spend a lot of time waiting around. all these people and no one could tell me what was going on!

somehow no matter how much i stared i wasn’t getting anywhere.

if you can’t beat em – join em

all this commotion over there around a bunch of people on a stage… anyhow, at least we could finally get going!

gotta love these communal water dishes. extra doggy flavour.

these corgis really know how to grab attention. they even lined up for a photo. so cuuuuute.

now it’s my turn to steal the limelight! hey – where’re you all going?

just one of the many lovely sights on the way.

after a long tiring walk, nothing beats a good lie down on a soft, cushy seat in the back of a taxi. lucky we weren’t caught out in the rain too!

next time i go on a walk i’m getting myself one of those red bicycles.


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