feline friendlies…?

cats – i love all kinds of cats. big, small, long hair, short hair – i love them all, but they never seem to ever want to play with me. just this other day on a walk around the neighbourhood, on a wet and unseasonally cool day, i saw this cat but he just didn’t want to get along with me. i just can’t help getting all excited when they’re around … if only they would give me a chance to work my charms.


do not be mistaken – this is just my ‘come play with me’ pose and not to be confused with my ‘i’m gonna show you who’s boss’ pose, which hardly ever happens because i’m such a mild-mannered individual.

heeeere lil’ kitty kitty

so long, my feline friend

4 responses to “feline friendlies…?

  • rroy

    On a sad note… Fanfan once did that to a feral cat, and the cat keeled over and died on the spot… we had to bury the cat and really confused Fanfan…

    • Lily

      wow… you mean Fanfan just did the excited look thing and the cat keeled over? maybe the cat was in poor condition…

      • rroy

        fanfan slipped out of her harness, there was a short chase… then she did the front down, back up, little hoppity stance and yes, the cat raised its fur and keeled over…

      • Lily

        omg… poor thing… i must remember to be careful with our feline friends

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