Lily vs. Newton

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dining with big people

it’s not often i find somewhere warm and welcoming of furry four-legged friendlies, so when i do, it’s a big deal! the lady who runs the place is so friendly and she always gives me a big bone to chew on. but this night’s gonna be different and i’m gonna eat with the big people!!
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best day evar!

what a loverly place this shing mun reservoir is! with the hot sun and cool breeze i couldn’t have asked for a better day out.
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feline friendlies…?

cats – i love all kinds of cats. big, small, long hair, short hair – i love them all, but they never seem to ever want to play with me. just this other day on a walk around the neighbourhood, on a wet and unseasonally cool day, i saw this cat but he just didn’t want to get along with me. i just can’t help getting all excited when they’re around … if only they would give me a chance to work my charms.

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SPCA wag n walk @ pak tam chung

my first ever trip to Pak Tam Chung! And all for a good cause, too.

boy did we spend a lot of time waiting around. all these people and no one could tell me what was going on!

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i eat my veggies everyday

i just love these green leaves growing all around the place. i’ve been told they are a good source of fiber and can help with digestion. don’t taste quite as good as the stuff i eat at home though, but at least i get a little snack on my walks.


surf’s up

somehow i’ve lost my appetiteĀ for eating sand. but no matter – i can now finally enjoy the sun, the surf and leaving little pawprints in the sand rather than ingesting it in large quantities


the good ol’ days – sand just doesn’t taste like it did back then… but then again, i certainly don’t miss the resulting pain in my backside